What you need to know and do... (Dunnville Minor Hockey)

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Dunnville Minor Hockey Association runs on the efforts of its volunteers.  Each year volunteer coaches, trainers, managers and on-ice volunteers allow DMHA to provide our players with excellent quality hockey programs.


The DMHA, OMHA, OHF and HC have a number of policies and requirements in place to ensure that all youth are provided with a safe and enjoyable hockey season.  As such, depending on the role the volunteer will be filling, there may be a number of requirements that will need to be met before he or she can be on the ice or bench with our DMHA players. 


If you have volunteered for minor hockey over the past few years, it is very likely that you have a Hockey Canada profile which lists the qualifications you currently hold.  If you have completed hockey coaching clinics, hockey Trainer Certification, Speak Out or the Respect in Sport -Activity Leader Program a profile will have been created for you.  To check what is in your profile, go the to the Hockey Canada eHockey website.  If you have never accessed your profile, create a new account.  You will be required to provide your name and birth date.  If you have taken a course in the past but cannot find your profile, contact the PCMHA Registrar at [email protected] for assistance in locating your HC #.

Below is a link that shows all the Official Qualification and Requirements for all volunteer positions with any team..




PVSC are required every 3 years.  Hockey Canada recently updated their system and the status of your PVSC can now be found on your eHockey profile.  DMHA will be entering all valid PVSC to volunteer profiles.  If you check your profile but do not see a valid PVSC, then the DMHA requires a new one.  With the change in the system, once you provide an association with a current PVSC (and they enter it in the HC system) other association will have access to your PVSC information as well.  This mean if you are volunteering with more than one association, you should not need to get PVSC for each association.  However, the association entering the information is responsible for maintaining an official copy of the PVSC.  For this reason, if you are providing DMHA with your PVSC, we require the original, officially stamp document.  You can maintain a copy for you records.  DMHA will not be accepting photocopies or scanned documents.  You will note on your profile on the Hockey Canada eHockey website, that PVSC's expire on May 1st in the third year and a new PVSC will be required. The system provides you with your expiry date.

To help out we all need a Vulnerable Sector Police Check done.  It is super easy to do online.  But first you need the 'Vulnerable Sector Clearance Request' form (adding your name and dating it) and turning it into a PDF to send with the online application.  It is FREE and the results could be as fast as 2 days.

Here is a link to the OPP Police Record Check https://www.opp.ca/index.php?id=147&lng=en


The OMHA requires that all rostered and on-ice volunteers complete the RIS-Activity Leader course.  This program is separate from the RIS – Parent course required for parents of youth hockey players.  While you may have completed the Parent course, you will also be required to complete the RIS-Activity Leader course to volunteer on an approved roster or as an on-ice volunteer.  You can complete the program on-line at:  https://omha.respectgroupinc.com/


The Ontario Hockey Federation recently added a new requirement that all Bench Staff (Coaches, Trainers, Managers including Assistants) rostered to all OMHA teams are now required to complete two mandatory modules on Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training for Team Officials.  The modules can be accessed through your Hockey Canada eHockey account. 

DMHA as part of the OMHA and supports OHF in their mission to support trans-inclusive hockey in Ontario. If you will be volunteering as a Team Official (coach, assistant coach, trainer or manager) with any DMHA team for the upcoming season, you are required to complete the following training immediately. Training will cover:

  • Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training for Team Officials
  • A Guide to the Dressing Room Policy and Confidentiality Statement

Click Here to launch the Official Ontario Hockey Federation Information Sheet with the link to register for the Gender Identity and Expression course


The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) has announced the launch of a new training course for Team Officials, to support trans-inclusive hockey in Ontario, Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training. There are two modules which will educate Team Officials on this important topic.


  • If you don't have an eHockey Account, GET ONE NOW
  • Register for the Online Course
  • Upon registering for the clinic, team officials will receive an email with instructions for completing the modules
  • Use a Supported Device - Mac/PC Desktop Computers only / No phones or iPads
  • Have the Required Software - Adobe Flash 10.3 or later and a modern web browser (Explorer, FireFox or Chrome)
  • Complete both modules in order to receive credit
  • Your Username and Password to launch the online program will be the same as your eHockey account


  • Q: I was assigned as a coach job after July 31st so have I missed a deadline? A: No but you should complete the course as soon as possible, and you must do so within 30 days

ALL Team officials will be responsible for completing the Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression and a Guide to the Dressing Room Policy and Confidentiality Statement modules.

Upon entering your account, click on the link below to be directed to the OHF landing page for more information on the training and to course registration (no costs). Once on this page you will have access to the course registration via the link and then be responsible for registering for the Gender Identity and Expression Course. Upon registering for the clinic, team officials will receive an email with instructions for completing the modules.  Once you have completed the modules, the course will show up on your Hockey Canada eHockey profile. 


If you are looking for a Coaching Certification course, you can find a list of courses by clicking on the following link - https://ehockey.hockeycanada.ca/ehockey/ClinicGroupList.aspx?OID=1254.  Select the course you would like to take.


The Hockey Trainer Certification Program (HTCP) is available online through the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario (HDCO) The HTCP is designed to educate trainers in the prevention, recognition and management of hockey-related injuries and is the only sport-specific risk management, injury management and safety education program in Ontario.

The HDCO is the administrative body responsible for overseeing the delivery of the HTCP in Ontario and works closely with its Member Associations to provide education for trainers across the province. 

You can take the course by going to https://www.hdcoelearning.com/ and registering to take the course online.