Forms/Travel Permit (Dunnville Minor Hockey)

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The following forms are available for download or printing:

Medical Information Sheet

2023_Team_Fundraising_and_Sponsorship_Guidlines  and Fundraising Reports HERE  and DMHA_Fundraiser_Approval_Form_2023-  Please submit to Meaghan McCormack [email protected] 

Nomination package :    2024_Nomination_Package A list of all individuals who have been nominated for election to the Board shall be posted on the DMHA website, by April 30th 2024. Completed Nomination forms may be dropped off at the DMHA office, under the door or email it to a director of the board by March 30th 2024.

Coaching Applications:  2023-24_LL_Coaching_Application SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS JUNE 13, 2023!



Coaches and Team Managers,

If you are planning to play an exhibition game or attend a tournament, please ensure that you obtain the required travel permit through the OMHA.

All tournament travel inside the OMHA have no fee but require a travel permit.

All tournament games outside the OMHA requires a $20 fee.

All exhibition games outside the OHF requires a $10 per/max. $300 per association.

Exhibition Games:

Travel Permits are required for Exhibition Games both Home and Away.

- To play any exhibition game within the OHF Branch an OMHA team must obtain permission from their OMHA Regional Executive Member.

- To play any exhibition game outside OHF Branch, permission from OMHA Executive Director must be obtained as well as notification to the OMHA Regional Executive Member. (Exception border town: example Windsor and Detroit, Fort Erie and Buffalo, will be bound by paragraph 1 - above

Please fill out the appropriate request form below.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE OMHA DIRECTLY

Travel Permit for Exhibition Game (Home or Away) HERE Travel Permit Request - Exhibition Game

Travel Permit for Tournament HERE Travel Permit Request - Tournament

Please submit your requests at least 10 days prior to the date of your game or tournament as this can take a week to get approved by the OMHA.